Weizhong Gong

Interview with Weizhong Gong

Email interview held on 11th September 2017 – as follows between Alan Radley (questioner) and Weizhong Gong (relator):

Weizhong: Security solutions without capabilities to combat software based password/passphrase/key stealing attacks are not good to protect your info/system/database/apps against attacks. That’s very easy to understand, but most organizations still ignore the threat, giving attackers more opportunities to make more data breaches.

Thank you kindly Weizhong Gong for making such a salient point.

Interviewee: Weizhong Gong,

UNIX/Linux security solution architect, Fujitsu.

Weizhong Gong – Biography

Have worked as programmer/DBA/Administrator/Consultant/Support for UNIX/Linux, I have excellent understanding of UNIX/Linux principle, UNIX/Linux Security, am very experienced, innovative and self motivated. With excellent knowledge of UNIX/Linux, knowing what could be the weak points of security software, I can choose and design better security solutions, guarantee to make your critical UNIX/Linux system significantly more secure than other solutions. I have setup a demo machine at AWS to use some very good security software I have found (thanks to the company which trusts my security knowledge to use their software for the demo) to show some best security solutions for public to verify, you can ssh tst1@ password: “just a test” without the double quotes. then check the README file for more info.

I have good knowledge of FIPS, ITIL, Database, block chain, checkpoint firewall/IDS, Symantec Endpoint Control. RSA/DSA, PGP/GPG, OpenSSL/TLS, IPSec, Proxy, OpenSSH/Ebury Trojan, Linux LKM rootkit, TTY Keylogger, email phishing, sudo, Power Broker, TripWire, McAfee antivirus, Symantec Norton antivirus, Symantec VIP, Citrix ZEN Desktop. And know the dtrace/ProbeVue/truss/strace/Trojan/TTY Keylogger can be used to get passphrase other input; the Kprobe/Uprobe could be used to steal sensitive info.