Qualifiers (SCF)

Verification Task

Obviously the task of verifying the truth, validity and practical applicability of the new theory of Cybersecurity presented here on this site—and in the book: “The Science Of Cybersecurity”—is a vitally important task.

The reader should be aware that an initial verification stage has already taken place; whereby the book has been read and approved by over 100 Cybersecurity experts—including leading professors of the subject who kindly supplied references. Nevertheless it is desirable to disseminate these ideas to a much wider audience; and to seek objective validation.

Whenever a new scientific theory and/or logical method is developed, issues related to the truth of what is being asserted arise. These same issues concern complex and multifaceted facts/datums/processes which often involve many questions related to the objective correctness of inherent definitions, principles, concepts and logical axioms, plus the logical integrity/truth of the entire scheme.  In addition, subjective and environmental factors become important—including social trust, practicality,  plus the affirmation/testing of what is being asserted.

Contained herein are fundamental definitions/axioms/principles for the entire field of Cybersecurity; and likewise one would expect proof to be supplied of the truthfulness and applicability of said items; both in objective and subjective terms. Accordingly, we invite the Cybersecurity community as whole to either support or refute said claims.

Accreditations / Certifications

We provide a list of computer security certifications under the Materials menu.

Leaned Bodies / Conferences / Organisations

We provide a list of computer security organisations under the Materials menu.


We provide a list of endorsements in the About section of this site, and in the margin of this page; in the form of those experts who have read the associated materials in the books “Absolute Security – 2015” and the second edition “The Science Of Cybersecurity – 2017”.

We shall publish all responses, endorsements and critical reviews of the materials presented here as and when they are received.

Use Of Feedback

In summary, we are hereby reaching out to the widest range of Cybersecurity professionals; and in order to request expert review of the materials presented here on this site. Your (polite and respectful) reviews will be published here in the Qualifiers and/or Commentary sections, or else under the Articles section in full.

Where corrections/additions are made—and accepted—to fundamental Cybersecurity theory; then those same changes will be placed in situ, and tied to a specific version of the Science Of Cybersecurity Framework (SCF)—with full accreditation.

It is desirable to receive information from all types of Cybersecurity professional. For example, we would ask that those people tasked with actually building security systems test and supply reports of the advantages/disadvantages and/or success and/or failure of the described theory—when applied to real world scenarios. Plus we would be happy to receive comparative reviews of  how the present framework compares to other theories, principles and practical Cybersecurity schemas.

SCF 1.0 – Wiki Commentary

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As and when readers supply amendments and corrections to the information on this page, these will be listed here.

Please feel free to send in your amendments.