Paul Simmonds

Interview with Paul Simmonds

Email interview held on 12th September 2017 – as follows between Alan Radley (questioner) and Paul Simmonds (relator):

1. What are your thoughts on the current state of cybersecurity, both for organizations and for consumers?

Poor and getting worse.

2. What – in your estimation – are the reasons behind the many computer security breaches/failures that we see today?

a. People don’t do the basics – patching and configuration

b. There is a complete lack of trust in the ecosystem – these is no way to easily consume trusted attributes

c. Security is a fashion industry, selling pipe dreams that 90% cant afford and do not have the cyber-maturity to implement [but they still are seduced by it and thus don’t do (a).]

3. Where do you go to find your “science” of cybersecurity?

Personal contacts

4. Do you recommend a particular cybersecurity blog that our readers could follow?


5. What keeps you up at night in the context of the cyber environment that the world finds itself in?

I sleep well because I’m an ex-CISO…….!

(but if I was kept up) how we get companies to take a medium to long term view of how we address the fundamental issues, rather than a short-term band-aid.

Thank you kindly Paul Simmonds for taking the time out of what must be a busy schedule to answer our questions in such an interesting way.

Interviewee: Paul Simmonds,

CEO at The Global Identity Foundation.

Paul Simmonds – Biography

Paul is the CEO of the Global Identity Foundation, a security consultant and interim CISO. He is the co-editor of CSA’s Cloud Security Guidance version 3. He was a co-founder and board member of the Jericho Forum and is also a highly rated speaker for conferences and corporate events, and a noted commentator on Information Security.

Prior to the Global Identity Foundation he was the global CISO of AstraZeneca and prior to that the global CISO of ICI.

Paul’s varied career has included;
Electronic Countermeasures,
Theatre & TV Lighting,
Designing North Sea Oil control systems,
Network management for JET (Nuclear Fusion Research)
Implementing a number of broadcast radio stations.

He’s been awarded “Chief Security Officer of the year” as well as “Best Security Implementation” at the SC Magazine Awards and is twice listed as one of Network World’s “most powerful people in networking”.

In addition to the Jericho Forum, Paul sits on the advisory board of a number of leading-edge computing companies, as well as the Executive Advisory Board of ISSA UK.

He also is a British Canoe Union Level 3 Kayak Coach. Paul occasionally tweets as @simmonds_paul.

Specialties: Information Security, specifically de-perimeterisation, global corporate architecture and alignment of security strategy with business strategy. Consultancy, Interim CISO and any other interesting opportunities.