1. SC Magazine – Information Security professionals face countless business challenges on a daily basis, and SC is committed to helping them find solutions. Offering anything from industry news to product reviews in a variety of formats, SC is the place to go for the information that will help ensure the security and long-term success of your business.
  2. Dark Reading - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsDark Reading – With their mission to challenge the way people think about cybersecurity, Dark Reading has formed an interactive community of readers who are passionate and unafraid of confronting controversial topics.
  3. Security Week - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsSecurityWeekSubscribe to receive weekly updates on current events, industry insights, and experts’ takes on cybersecurity. Get the latest on threats, security trends and developing technology.
  4. CIO Magazine - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsCIO MagazineCIO Magazine illuminates ways that information technology can help businesses achieve their goals. By analyzing IT trends and creating insightful content, they’ve been helping CIO’s and other IT professionals find the information they need to move their businesses forward in an ever-changing threat landscape.
  5. Network World - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsNetwork World Replete with news, opinions, industry analytics, and more, Network World is devoted to offering up vital tools to assist the IT professionals who are tasked with making the tough decisions for their organizations.
  6. Tech Crunch - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsTechCrunchWhat started as a personal blog back in 2005, TechCrunch has gained a huge following and continues to help IT professionals share information. With a broad focus on startups, gadgets, and tech updates, cybersecurity is a common thread that weaves its way through TechCrunch’s repertoire of content.
  7. VentureBeat - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsVentureBeatMore than just content, VentureBeat intends to provide security professionals with deep insight into the context of industry developments. Aiming to “inform, connect, and inspire” techies from all walks of life through research, news and events, VB sets out to broaden their audience’s perspective with every read.
  8. Computer World - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsComputerworldWhile technology has undeniably become the driving force behind modern business development, ComputerWorld assists readers as they strive to harness the power of tech to develop competitive business strategies.
  9. eWeek - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationseWeekDating back to the 1980s -the era of mainframes – and still going strong in today’s age of cloud computing, eWeek has long been a dependable voice for IT admins to turn to. With an unwavering finger on the ever-evolving pulse of the tech industry, eWeek continually adjusts the scope of their reporting to fit the needs of industry leaders.
  10. InfoWorld - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsInfoWorldDedicated to spotting trends early, InfoWorld provides detailed analyses, opinion pieces, product reviews, industry news and more, from an exclusive network of expert journalists.
  11. IT Business Edge - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsIT Business EdgeIT Business Edge focuses on topics from IT management, security and cloud computing to social media, enterprise apps and the internet of things. This is the publication to turn to for a hodgepodge of articles sure to give you the overall industry scoop.
  12. CSO - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsCSOSecurity is the umbrella under which all of CSO’s content falls. With news and analytic reports founded in solid research, here you can dive into their world of information security, business development, identity and access management, and risk prevention.
  13. CRN - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsCRNPrimarily targeting value-added resellers and technology integrators, CRN serves up a unique concoction of cybersecurity news and developments across industries. Come for the wide variety of tech tidbits, and stay for the fine-tuned focus on today’s leading tech companies.
  14. Search Security - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsSearchSecurityWhat are the latest viruses or hacker threats out there? How can organizations adapt to further secure their data? SearchSecurity sets out to answer all these questions and more in order to ensure success for IT professionals.
  15. InfoSecurity Magazine - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsInfosecurity MagazineOver ten years worth of award-winning content – including industry updates, opinion columns, and a variety of free educational content – makes this publication a great resource for info on the latest tech trends.
  16. Talkin' Cloud - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsTalkin’ CloudWith news, commentary, industry research, and more, Talkin’ Cloud is here to help provide guidance to cloud resellers, builders, and service providers alike. Turn to them for a wide range of topics related to security, privacy and business strategies.
  17. MSPMentor - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsMSPmentorWant a comprehensive catalog of content focusing on the vast cross section of tech info linking cloud computing to the managed services field? You’ve come to the right place.
  18. Computer Weekly - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsComputer WeeklyDating back to 1966, when it became the first ever weekly IT newspaper, Computer Weekly now offers digital content to a remarkable community of readers interested in the latest issues and trends in today’s world of information technology.
  19. IT Security Guru - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsIT Security GuruThere’s a ton of IT Security news out there these days, and it can be hard to sort through and find the best information. IT Security Guru’s goal is to compile all the latest and greatest breaking news each day so that you don’t have to.
  20. Help Net Security - Top 20 Must-Subscribe Cloud Cybersecurity PublicationsHelp Net SecurityHelp Net Security is a trusted source for tech and information security news, insight into industry trends, product reviews, events and more. Their goal is to keep you up to date on potential security risks.