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Interview with Larry Cole

Email interview held on 12th September 2017 – as follows between Alan Radley (questioner) and Larry Cole (relator):

1.What are your thoughts on the current state of cybersecurity, both for organizations and for consumers?

I believe we have entered an unprecedented time of cyber confusion for org’s and individuals. The speed of technology change has stripped our ability to protect ourselves. Lack of security has finally caught up with us ….through our own need for efficiency and impatience we have been literally giving away our personal  information and security for years. We wanted frictionless and expedient use of technology….we have it now……and the price of admission as we have found out is high.

2. What – in your estimation – are the reasons behind the many computer security breaches/failures that we see today?

Easy…..cyber security is essentially a 99% people problem, 1% technology issue……when viewed through this lens it is simply to see the flaws. A single non malicious insider can render millions of dollars of secuirty software and first class policies useless with a few bad habits. Couple this with the black hats and white hats having all the same tool sets…..and lastly….piling legacy gear and software on top of still more legacy gear and software and you end up with more holes than Swiss cheese in these massive networks.

3. Where do you go to find your “science” of cybersecurity?

I am a cyber secuirty social commentary consultant , not a pure cyber  scientist. I see the flaws in people, follow trends, prognosticate etc. Takes a tremendous amount of reading of different kinds of cyber writing… it solutions, policy, governance, risk , compliance….my favorite saying is it is complicated.

4. Do you recommend a particular cybersecurity blog that our readers could follow?

Not a singular one, no… one has all the answers in my view. I scour several websites, blogs and cyber writers daily to get my sense of whats going on.  No one has THE crystal ball when it comes to cyber…..we have entered the proverbial cyber wild west show….

5. What keeps you up at night in the context of the cyber environment that the world finds itself in?

What keeps me awake is if everyone really knew how unstable and unsafe the “internet” really is. I think it would cause a whole new layer of social stress to take place that can get added to the usual 24 hour news cycle of terrorism and calamity. I am not sure we as a society can handle that right now……there is a new term that i think allows us to function….cyber ostriching, the collective ignoring of the obvious …..without it much of business as we know it would slow down …I wrote an article a while ago which in recap was about getting at the kids….and teaching them….start them when they are 3 about the fundamental use and care of a digital world.

Thank you kindly Larry Cole for taking the time out of what must be a busy schedule to answer our questions in such a purposeful way.

Interviewee: Larry Cole,

CyberSecurity Practitioner | GRC ~ GDPR ~ Insurance Advisory | RainMaker.

CyberSecExec Camosun College.

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These are indeed strange times we live in – The bad cyber guys are scared of the bad cyber guys – One countries hacker is another countries cyber warrior – Cyber criminals and their crimes respect no borders or political belief – Black hats often wear white hats and vice versa…so all I see are a bunch of gray hats – The pace of technology change is paralysing decision makers in ways we never imagined

Is this fear mongering? I don’t think so. We simply live in a new digital reality that touches us all. We can be ostriches and stick our heads in the sand , or we can accept our world is vastly different than 20 years ago …..and get on with making it safer for everyone.

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