Dane Warren

Interview with Dane Warren

Email interview held on 14th September 2017 – as follows between Alan Radley (questioner) and Dane Warren (relator):

  1. What are your thoughts on the current state of cybersecurity, both for organizations and for consumers?

[DW] We are at a new level that requires new thinking.  Organisations: cyber risk must be recognised as business risk, and managed accordingly.  Consumers:  Cyber risk is now becoming a digital safety concern; technology is becoming more and more embedded in our everyday lives (cars, health, entertainment, etc.), and we need to be thinking about social governance adaption (laws, regulations) to support the changes, and these changes must be holistic.

2. What – in your estimation – are the reasons behind the many computer security breaches/failures that we see today?

[DW] A digital ‘eco’-system that has failed to prioritise safety with profitability; also a somewhat myopic strategic view on the cyber risk/threat environment – very short planning horizons and vision goals.  The manufacturers of ‘next-gen- hardware are new building safer technology, application development is incorporating security at earlier stages of the SDLC, and people are becoming more savvy to the risks they face in this technology era; so this is changing.

3. Where do you go to find your “science” of cybersecurity?

[DW] Keep reading; there are no taboo locations.  More information only helps broaden our frames of reference.  Cyber security strategic tips can be learned from traditional business strategy books (art of war, book of 5 rings, getting to yes), or by reading technical journals, or speaking to your peers.

4. Do you recommend a particular cybersecurity blog that our readers could follow?






iRC locations also.

5. What keeps you up at night in the context of the cyber environment that the world finds itself in?

[DW] Coffee

Thank you kindly Dane Warren for taking the time out of what must be a busy schedule to answer our questions in such a purposeful way.

Interviewee: Dane Warren,

Head Of IT Security,

Group IT.