KeyMail File Transporter

You can purchase KeyMail using the PayPal links below.

KeyMail is available for Apple MacOS and Microsoft Windows (7,8,10).

Visit the KeyMail site here to see what is contained in each package.

KeyMail Global-Media Edition – 1 Year Network Access (Single Client)

Designed to meet the file/data transfer needs of laptop and desktop computer users.


Once we receive payment – we will email you a download link for KeyMail.  Allow up to 24 hours (depending upon time-zone differences) to receive this link.

KeyMail ‘XBeam’ Anonymous USB-Flash-Drive Commercial Edition (2 Units) – 1 Year Network Access (Both Clients)

Meets the file/data transfer needs of mobile users (entire KeyMail system runs from the USB-Flash-Drive). Includes air-mail postage (for twin USB-Flash-Drive(s)) shipped anywhere in the world.


Email us your postal address ( Once we receive your PayPal payment – we will air-mail your Cipher-Matched Twin USB-Flash-Drives containing the pre-installed KeyMail accounts. N.B. Allow up to 7 days to receive this package.