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Under specific Materials sub-categories; you will find key publications, organisations, certifications, books, theory, people etc, on Cybersecurity; including links to sites that provide detailed information on: Cyber-Training, Cyber-Theory, Cyber-News, Cyber-Threats, Data-Intrusions, Data-Breaches, Cyber-Alerts, Hacks, System Exploits etc.

Listed below are the sections left-over and (as yet) uncategorised materials.

Scientific Approach to Cybersecurity

Listed here are some of the subject leaders (organisations and people) and their publications  who/which are taking a scientific approach to Cybersecurity.

[1] Research Institute In the Science Of Cyber Security. See here.

[2] American Association For the Advancement Of Science – AAAS.

[3] Shankar Sastry – University of California Berkeley. Article link here.

[4] Science Of Cybersecurity – Publication by the MITRE Corporation.  Available here.

[5] The Research Institute In the Science Of Cybersecurity (UCL). Available here.

[6] Cybersecurity Dynamics – Shouhuai Zu. Look here.

[7] National Science Foundation – R&D Grants. See here.

[8] NSA – Blueprint for Cybersecurity. See here.

[9] AFCEA – Survey and Analysis. Look here.

[10] Blueprint For a Science Of Cybersecurity –  Cornell University. Look here.

[11] Data Driven Approach To The Science Of Cybersecurity.  Look here.

[12] Journal Of Cybersecurity. See here.

[13] TUDelflt  – Developing A Science Of Cybersecurity. Look here.

[14] Developing A Science Of Cybersecurity – F.Change. See here.

[15] Where Is The Science Taking Us In Cybersecurity – Dan Geer. Look here.

[16] Science Of Cybersecurity – Technical Report by Shawn Riley. See here

[17] Center For Science And Engineering Of Cybersecurity. See here.

[18] NSA Funds ‘Science Of Cybersecurity’ Research. See here.

[19] Jason Report: Science Of Cybersecurity. See here.

[20] National Cyber Security Research Centre – GCHQ. See here.

[21] Cybersecurity And National Policy – Harvard University. See here.

Miscellaneous Sources